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Answers for Client's QuestionsUpon retaining our firm to assist in your representation, you were provided with a “username” and “password” that gives you unlimited access to our private document library and criminal defense information database. The information you cabn access is for clients only.

You may have already benefited from reading a number of articles on our website dealing with your specific legal problem. You may have also been given a number of helpful documents and pamphlets at our office for your review. However, you will find this online section to be extremely helpful in addressing some of the more practical aspects of your case.

Here you will be able to view and print answers to frequently asked questions, helpful articles, contact information for various service providers, and how-to-guides that may better assist you in satisfying many different types of court obligations.

To login, simply type your “username” and “password” into the spaces provided below. If you have misplaced your username or password, contact our office at: (727) 578-0303 and we will be happy to provide you with a replacement.


The following information is currently available for review for our clients only:

General Information

  • How to Prepare for Court
  • Your Appearance in Court
  • How You Should Dress for Court
  • Meeting Marc or Tim at the Courthouse
  • Getting a Continuance of Your Court Date
  • Early Termination of Probation or Roll-over from Community Control to Probation
  • Getting Re-Arrested on New Unrelated Criminal Charges
  • Violations of Your Probation or Community Control
  • The Sealing or Expungement of Your Criminal Records
  • Directions to South County Traffic Court &North County Traffic Court
  • Directions to the Pinellas County Criminal Justice Center
  • Client Confidentiality
  • Payment of Fees and Payment Plans
  • Avoiding a Failure to Appear Warrant by Taking the Right Steps to Report Your Change of Addressor Phone Number
  • How to Get a Copy of Your Driver’s License Record
  • Driver’s License Record Request Form

DUI Topics

  • Suncoast Safety Council DUI Program Fact Sheet
  • Registering for DUI School on the Internet
  • Sample Impound/Immobilization Windshield Sticker
  • How to Apply for a Hardship License
  • Application for Hardship License
  • Victim Impact Panel Registration Materials
  • DHSMV DUI Law Informational Pamphlet
  • Map to the Suncoast Safety Council (Clearwater & St. Petersburg Locations)
  • Residential Treatment Evaluation Contact Information
  • Turning Point Residential Treatment Program Informational Pamphlet

Preparing for Court or Satisfying Court Ordered Obligations

  • Pinellas County Jail Work Release Reporting Information
  • Weekend/Daywatch Reporting Information
  • Shoplifter’s Awareness Program Registration Information
  • STD and HIV Health Department Screening Information
  • Fingerprinting Service associated with Record Sealing & Expungement
  • Drug Court PAR Assessment Contact Information
  • PAR Counseling Evaluation Contact Information (Outpatient & Residential)
  • Assistance Course for Reinstating Your Privilege to Drive
  • Operation PAR Urinalysis Drug Screen Information
  • Bayfront Urinalysis Drug Screen Information
  • Drug Testing Information Sheet
  • Men’s List of Approved Providers for Domestic Violence Intervention Program Counseling
  • Women’s List of Approved Providers for Domestic Violence Intervention Program Counseling
  • Sliding Scale FeeGraph for Domestic Violence Counseling Programs
  • Suncoast Safety Council Driver Improvement School Pamphlet
  • Pinellas County Clerk of Court Driver Improvement Course Informational Pamphlet
  • Advanced Driver Improvement Class Course Informational Pamphlet
  • Registering for Community Service in Misdemeanor Cases
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