Out of town offenders

Helping Out of Town Offenders resolve their Criminal Charge

With its warm weather, award winning beaches, and nearby attractions, the St. Petersburg / Clearwater area is a popular destination for business trips, vacations, and family events. However, during their limited stay in Florida, a number of visitors get arrested and find themselves facing criminal charges. There is a common saying, “Arrive on vacation, and leave on probation.” These out of town offenders are forced to deal with the predicament of defending against a criminal charge in Florida while residing in a distant state.

You Need the Advice of a Local St. Petersburg / Clearwater Attorney

As former Florida State Prosecutors, we are knowledgeable in the local customs and practices of the St Petersburg / Clearwater criminal justice system. Additionally, we have a complete set of procedures in place to specifically handle pending criminal cases for our out-of-state clients.

Resolve Your Case without the Need for You to Return to FloridaWe Can Often Resolve Your Case without the Need for You to Return to Florida

We recognize the fact that your time spent in Florida was only temporary. In many instances, out of town offenders may be able to avoid returning to Pinellas County for court appearances.

  • We ensure that our out-of-state clients receive copies of all evidence and police reports.
  • We can consult with you over the phone in our review of these materials and discuss the various strategies to use in your case.
  • Even though we are located in Florida, we have compiled a database of resources throughout the entire country. This enables us to direct you to local providers in your hometown. This will often allow you to prepare for your case in advance and can have a positive impact on how the judge views your case.
  • If we determine through a plea bargain, we can often request submit a Plea in Absentia which would allow you to resolve your case without the need to return to Florida.
  • If you have an outstanding warrant caused by your failure to appear on your Pinellas County case, we can assist in resolving the problem immediately. Learn more about the ways that Russo & Russo can help with an outstanding warrant.

Possible Solutions

Diversion Programs – We can apply for your entry into a “diversion program.” Our out-of-state clients may be eligible to participate in these programs that result in the charges ultimately being dismissed. Read more about the process of diversion programs.

Withholds of Adjudication – We can meet with the prosecutor and the court to discuss obtaining a plea bargain involving a “withhold of adjudication.” A withhold of adjudication can be a signficant advantage since you could thereafter honestly assert that you were not convicted of the criminal offense.

Sealing or Expungment – If appropriate, we can formally request the court to seal or expunge all of the records related to your arrest at the conclusion of your case. Click Here to learn more about the benefits of having your records sealed or expunged.

Free Consultation by Telephone

Our office can immediately determine if you have any upcoming court dates, pull records from your Pinellas Criminal Court file, and ascertain which prosecutor and judge are assigned to your case.

Learn your options are. Call us today for a free consultation at (727) 578-0303

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