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Florida Law treats most sexual offenses as serious crimes. The consequences of conviction for a sex crime can be devastating. Legal penalties may include incarceration, a sex offender registration requirement, and significant restrictions on the ability to travel, use the internet, and obtain housing. Moreover, just the charge itself carries a debilitating social stigma, even though the conduct may be innocent or highly mitigated.

At the Law Offices of Russo Pelletier & Sullivan, we understand that cases involving an allegation of sexual misconduct may be due to a mistake, false allegations, exaggerations, or a law enforcement set-up. In other cases, complex family relationships or contentious divorce proceedings may fuel baseless claims to the authorities.

Examples of sexual offenses include:

Many sexual offenses are classified as felonies, although there are a few sex crimes that are still treated as misdemeanors. Regardless of classification, however, it is important to hire an experienced criminal defense to help with your charge. All sex offenses in Florida can carry significant penalties and an aggressive, detail-oriented defense is necessary.

The website articles found here are designed to provide you with an overview of Florida law and to describe the strategies that we can use to defend your case. If you have been charged with a sexual offense in Pinellas County, we are lawyers who can help.

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