How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

Choosing a Pinellas / St. Petersburg Lawyer /Clearwater Attorney

Invest the Time to Find the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

Selecting the right Pinellas attorney could make a big difference in achieving the results your are seeking. An appeal of your case can be an expensive and risky proposition. It is important to “get it right the first time.” After all, you will spend a lifetime living with the results. So, how do you determine who is the best criminal defense lawyer for your case? Always take the time and effort necessary to properly evaluate a lawyer’s qualifications and experience.

— Making Your Hiring Decision — Consider Asking Some of the Following Questions:

  • How long has the attorney been practicing law?
  • Is his law practice limited to criminal defense, or does he represent clients in a variety of fields of law?
  • Does his resume reflect broad involvement in the criminal justice system as a whole?
  • Does he possess valuable insight gained from being “on the other side” as a local prosecutor?
  • Does he routinely handle cases at the courthouse to which your case has been assigned?
  • Is he familiar with the customs, practices, and judicial demeanor of the local judges?
  • Since graduating from law school, what continuing education efforts has he made to stay abreast of the law?
  • Has he secured unique certification, licensing, or recognition that is germane to your case?
  • What are the opinions expressed by other attorneys and judges as to the lawyer’s competency to handle criminal defense matters?
  • Is the lawyer’s reputation in the legal community such that he has been called on to instruct, teach, or lecture to other attorneys?
  • Is the lawyer a member in good standing of both local and statewide professional organizations that promote high standards within the area of criminal defense?

An Insider's Guide to Hiring the Right St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Lawyer An Insider’s Guide to Hiring the Right St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Lawyer

How to Find a Good Attorney Using the Internet How to Find a Good Attorney Using the Internet

We are confident that after reviewing the contents of this web site you will be able to affirmatively answer all of the above questions. More importantly, we would encourage you to schedule a free consultation with us. At that time, you will have an opportunity to inquire further about cases we have handled in the past that may be similar to your own. More importantly, finding the best criminal defense lawyer ultimately means choosing an attorney you feel the most comfortable with.

Frank Russo, Tim Sullivan, and Marc Pelletier St.Petersburg, Clearwater Attorneys
Marc Pelletier and Tim Sullivan employ a “team approach” to investigating all relevant issues and appropriate defenses in each case. This results in a thorough examination of both the facts and the law. You can feel confident that the lawyers in our office are not only well trained and experienced, but that they also recognize the importance of “getting it right the first time” when handling every aspect of your representation.

You need the advice of a qualified St. Petersburg / Clearwater criminal defense attorney.

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