Will My Outstanding Warrant in Pinellas County Show Up on an Employer Background Check?

When you are hoping to pursue a new career opportunity, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you will pass the background check. Unfortunately, the background check may go beyond whether or not you’ve been convicted of a crime and may include things like arrests (even if you weren’t convicted) and warrants. 

In this brief article, a defense attorney in St. Petersburg with our team at the Law Offices of Russo, Pelletier & Sullivan St. Petersburg shares a few of the common issues found on employer background checks and how an outstanding warrant of any kind can factor into these checks. 

Will a Warrant be Included in a Background Check?

Depending on the type of background check being requested, your potential employer may see outstanding warrants. In fact, unless information is expunged from your record, any warrants, from bench warrants and civil warrants to arrest warrants, can be seen, as well as any arrests. Your record may even show details for traffic violations, even if you wound up being found not guilty!

The best way to make sure a warrant doesn’t hold you back from job opportunities in background checks is through hiring an experienced defense attorney in St. Petersburg who can check your record and help you handle any pending charges or expunged convictions still showing. 

Why Do Employers Check for Warrants?

It can be a frustrating feeling if a potential employer doesn’t have the right to know your personal business. After all, what does failing to appear in court have to do with your ability to get the job done?

Unfortunately, if there is a warrant out for your arrest you may be seen as a higher liability risk for the company. Although the matter may be pending, they may feel as if you are a flight risk, or that if you’re arrested you won’t be available to work. Their concern likely goes beyond prejudice against people who have been in the legal system and extends to serving the best interests of the business. 

Ultimately, the discovery of an outstanding arrest warrant paints a negative picture of you to a potential employer, despite the fact that you work hard and would do the job well. 

If you are unable to find work due to an outstanding Pinellas County warrant, we can help. Let’s get the matter cleared up and resolved. Even if you no longer live in Pinellas County or reside outside the State of Florida, we may be able to resolve the case without the need for you to come back. Contact a defense attorney in St. Petersburg today.

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