What You Need to Know If You’re Charged with Grand Theft in Florida

There are numerous different charges related to theft in the state of Florida. In Pinellas County, Grand Theft is defined as, “the unlawful taking or using of property valued at $750 or more with the intent to deprive the owner of their rights to the property.” Note that the intent to deprive may be temporary or permanent.

In this article, a knowledgeable grand theft attorney in St. Petersburg at Russo, Pelletier, & Sullivan tell you everything you need to know about grand theft and what being charged for it means.

What Are The Potential Charges? 

As mentioned above, there are many categories of theft charges. Within those categories, there are distinct degrees of Grand Theft. The higher the degree, the more serious the charge of theft:

  • Grand Theft: Third Degree
    • Property is valued at $750 or more, but less than $20,000
  • Grand Theft: Second Degree
    • Property is valued at $20,000 or more, but less than $100,000
  • Grand Theft: First Degree
    • Property is valued at $100,000 or more

All are punishable by either prison or probation with fines that increase the more significant the item stolen is valued. Across all three degrees, there are exceptions or specific types of property that can change the degree of the theft that is charged. For example, stolen emergency medical equipment valued at $300 or more may be charged as second-degree grand theft, despite not falling into the second-degree theft bracket on the basis of the value of the property.

What are Common Defenses to Grand Theft Charges? 

When it comes to defenses against grand theft charges, there are four defenses attorneys typically use to help to reduce charges and time sentenced, especially in Florida.

  1. Lack of Intent
  2. Obtaining/Using for Lawful Purposes
  3. Acting Out of Necessity
  4. Mistake of Fact

The First Step You Should Take After Being Charged

Talk to the best grand theft defense attorney in St. Petersburg with Russo, Pelletier, & Sullivan. Having a solid defense team that knows the system and intricacies associated with Grand Theft will help you to attain a more favorable outcome.

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