Will I Be Charged With Drug Trafficking If I Have a Prescription?

Drug trafficking charges are serious offenses in Florida, carrying severe penalties and long-term consequences. If you are facing a charge of drug trafficking even though you have a valid prescription, a highly skilled defense attorney in St. Petersburg with Russo, Pelletier & Sullivan may help you face these wrongful allegations with the highest degree of confidence. 

Drug trafficking defense

How Could Someone with a Valid Prescription Be Wrongly Investigated for Drug Trafficking?

In Florida, drug trafficking is defined as the intentional sale, purchase, manufacture, delivery, possession, or transportation of a certain quantity of controlled substances. Despite having a valid prescription, individuals may find themselves wrongly investigated for drug trafficking due to various factors: 

Exceeding Their Prescribed Dosage

Law enforcement officials may closely scrutinize individuals who consume prescription drugs in quantities exceeding their prescribed dosage or frequency, as higher quantities may begin raising suspicions of abuse or diversion.

Sharing or Selling Medication

Individuals who share or sell their prescription medication, even with good intentions, risk being investigated for drug trafficking if their actions violate state laws or pharmaceutical regulations.

Maintaining a Lack of Proper Prescription Documentation

Failure to maintain accurate documentation of prescription refills, dosage adjustments, or legitimate medical needs may raise red flags during law enforcement inquiries or regulatory medical audits.

Tips to Prevent Being Wrongly Investigated for Drug Trafficking with a Valid Prescription

To avoid wrongful allegations of drug trafficking while possessing a valid prescription, precautions that you should consider taking include:

  1. Make sure to follow your prescribed medication guidelines. Adhere strictly to the dosage and usage instructions provided by healthcare professionals when taking prescription medication, avoiding any deviations that could arouse suspicion.
  2. Maintain accurate records of prescription refills, medical appointments, and communications with healthcare providers to demonstrate your legitimate medical need and full compliance with your prescribed treatment protocols.
  3. Ensure that you are storing prescription drugs securely in a locked cabinet or container to prevent unauthorized access and minimize the risk of theft or diversion.
  4. Refrain from sharing or selling prescription medication to others, even if they claim to have similar medical conditions, as such actions can lead to legal consequences and jeopardize personal safety.
  5. If you are facing wrongful investigations related to prescription drug use or distribution, seek immediate legal advice from an experienced drug crimes defense attorney in St. Petersburg with Russo, Pelletier & Sullivan who can protect your rights and build the strongest defense strategy for your specific case. 

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